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Numeral (dozen, hundred, thousand, million) without a determiner or a number You need almost hundred eggs. Grammar
numerous different (numerous) I will read many different books Redundant Phrases
nut (not) I'm nut sure. Possible Typo
obtain (get) We need to obtain visas. Plain English
of cause (course) Of cause all these things are relative. Possible Typo
oft chance (off chance) On the oft chance that you get home by nine, could you turn on the oven? Possible Typo
old wise tail (old wives' tale) The story of the monster was only an old wise tail. Possible Typo
on (at) first glance On first glance it seems to be a good idea. Grammar
on (one) of the most/least/... It's on of the most popular songs. Possible Typo
on a few occasions (occasionally) The man drank on a few occasions. Redundant Phrases
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