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Description Example Category
we'Re' (we're) etc … because it'S an example. Possible Typo
'as follow' (as follows) We can elaborate this distinction as follow. Possible Typo
'by' + passive participle (be) This can by consistent with usability constraints. Possible Typo
miss use (misuse) Did I miss understand you? Possible Typo
bee (been) She has bee severely injured in the accident. Possible Typo
see (seen) In this video, an armored vehicle can be see driving into a group of demonstrators. Possible Typo
word (world) He was a member of the anti-aircraft artillery during Word War II Possible Typo
word (world) This is the word's largest cat. Possible Typo
word (world) This is the best cake in the word. Possible Typo
wont (won't) No, I wont do that. Possible Typo
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