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Description Example Category
your'e (you're) it Sorry, but your'e insufferable today. Possible Typo
they area (are) I'm not sure what you area speaking about. Possible Typo
fort the (for the) This is the best solution fort the company. Possible Typo
this look slike (looks like) an error This sound slike an error. Possible Typo
y'al (y'all) What songs have y'al been vibing to lately? Possible Typo
isn'r (isn't) Sorry, we can'r reproduce the problem. Possible Typo
Unite State -> United States As late as 1959, Anne Cole, one of the United State's largest swimsuit designers, said, "It's nothing more than a G-string. Possible Typo
Unite State -> United States I live in the united state. Possible Typo
Unite Kingdom -> United Kingdom I live in the unite kingdom. Possible Typo
died-in-the-wool -> dyed-in-the-wool He's a died in the wool Knicks fan. Possible Typo
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