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Description Example Category
and etc. (etc.) E-Commerce and etc. Redundant Phrases
annual anniversary (anniversary) First Annual Anniversary Contest Redundant Phrases
added bonus (bonus) Added bonus: booting from cdrom. Redundant Phrases
adequate enough (adequate) The Allen test is not adequate enough for the screening of hand circulation. Redundant Phrases
are able to (can) Yes, there are some species of frogs that are able to throw up their entire stomach and wipe it off with their legs. Redundant Phrases
ask the question (ask) He asked the question whether it's OK to add some rules to LanguageTool. Redundant Phrases
as of yet (yet) The report remains unfinished as of yet. Redundant Phrases
armed gunman (gunman) Armed gunmen entered the room to kill Bill. Redundant Phrases
autobiography of a life (autobiography) In this autobiography of a life of courage and love, we get to share in the compelling story of a family’s struggles. Redundant Phrases
basic fundamentals/necessities (fundamentals/necessities) Let’s get back to the basic fundamentals! Redundant Phrases
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