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Description Example Category
far be it for me (far be it from me) Far be it for me to say that you can’t. Nonstandard Phrases
money is no option (money is no object) Money is no option when are you rich. Nonstandard Phrases
nip it in the butt (nip it in the bud) We'd like to nip it in the butt right here. Nonstandard Phrases
now and days (nowadays) Money is becoming pretty tight now and days. Nonstandard Phrases
the proof is in the pudding (the proof of the pudding is in the eating) The Proof Is In The Pudding Nonstandard Phrases
qui bono (cui bono) Let me ask: qui bono? Nonstandard Phrases
whip cream (whipped cream) Whip cream until it becomes whip cream. Nonstandard Phrases
in/with regards to/of (regarding, with regard to) Please be aware of the following changes in regards to this program. Nonstandard Phrases
very known (very well-known, well-known) He is a very known actor. Nonstandard Phrases
Non-standard contractions '(I've a...)' I've a new car. Nonstandard Phrases
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