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Description Example Category
exact same/identical (same/identical) This shoe is exactly the same. Redundant Phrases
summertime (summer) It is warm during the summertime. Redundant Phrases
summertime (summer) It is warm during the summer time. Redundant Phrases
fall season (fall) The leaves turn red and gold in the fall season. Redundant Phrases
famous celebrity (celebrity) I'm told that he's a famous celebrity now. Redundant Phrases
salsa sauce (salsa) I enjoy eating salsa sauce. Redundant Phrases
general public (public) We should show this to the general public. Redundant Phrases
new innovation (innovation) He was a new recruit. Redundant Phrases
originally discovered (discovered) He originally discovered gold. Redundant Phrases
former graduate (graduate) I am a former graduate of the school. Redundant Phrases
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