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Description Example Category
Hyphenated words: $match I now have a part time job. Miscellaneous
Spelling of English contractions We havent earned anything. Possible Typo
commonly confused words: $match I have proscribed you a course of antibiotics. Commonly Confused Words
Checks if hyphenated words were spelled with dashes (e.g., 'T — shirt' instead 'T-shirt'). I'll buy a new T—shirt. Typography
Coherent spelling of words with two admitted variants. He likes archaeology. Really? She likes archeology, too. Miscellaneous
Suggest diacritics for '$match' blase Possible Typo
1. Wordiness (General) fatal outcome Plain English
1. Redundancy (General) tuna fish Redundant Phrases
Check for wrong words/phrases: $match Miscellaneous
Profanity Style
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