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Description Example Category
mi (me) Can you feel mi? Possible Typo
hing (thing / hang) The hing is, I really don't understand what you want. Possible Typo
hep (help / hip) He heps you to save lifes. Possible Typo
I need helps (help) I need helps. Possible Typo
New guinea (New Guinea) New guinea is a large island separated by the shallow Torres Strait from the rest of the Australian continent. Possible Typo
Misspellings of 'Papua New Guinea' He was born in Papa New Guinea. Possible Typo
Word contains a ligature LanguageTool finds spelling errors. [The word 'finds' contains a ligature, not the characters f i.] Possible Typo
brother-in-laws (brothers-in-law) How many brothers-in-laws do you have? Possible Typo
brother-in-laws (brothers-in-law) How many brother-in-laws do you have? Possible Typo
compere (compare) She is tall compered to him. Possible Typo
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