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Description Example Category
want be (won't be) He want be mad. Possible Typo
n't He does n't like her. Possible Typo
Contraction errors: e.g. did'nt->didn't did'nt work. Possible Typo
I'l (I'll) etc. Yes, I'l. Possible Typo
I'l (I'll) etc. Yes, we'r over here. Possible Typo
I'l (I'll) etc. Yes, we'v discussed that. Possible Typo
beat (best) regards Beat Regards, Daniel Possible Typo
ling (long) See you all there - this is ling overdue. Possible Typo
wan't (want) But I wan't to suggest something else. Possible Typo
re cent (recent) The country has so far not changed its re cent five-year plan. Possible Typo
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