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Description Example Category
a but (a bit) So I confused things a but and it was Kai who had planned that. Possible Typo
tool long (too long) I was away for tool long. Possible Typo
an then (and then) Tonight I'm going to eat dinner at Alyssa's an then go to Christina's. Possible Typo
ah ha (aha) After that we had an "ah ha" moment and that was it. Possible Typo
a was (way) But is there a was to work around the problem? Possible Typo
all though (although) All though the day: a song by Anita O'Day. Possible Typo
all though (although) All though I liked the book, I had to stop reading it. Possible Typo
also know (known) He is also know as the first Chechen writer. Possible Typo
as oppose to (as opposed to) Professional sports, as oppose to amateur sports , are sport s in which athletes receive payment for their performance Possible Typo
How (What) is he like? How is your new teacher like? Possible Typo
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