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in the final or last or ultimate analysis (finally, in conclusion) In the final analysis, it is their war. Plain English
in the nature of (like) Something in the nature of a repeal may soon take place. Plain English
in the neighborhood of (about) They searched for the keys in the neighborhood of the playground. Plain English
in the process of The work is in the process of getting done. Plain English
it seems that (omit) It seems that they can't wait to get rid of this one. Plain English
majority (most, usually) when not voting Majority of the world is covered with water. Plain English
make decisions about (decide on) The school board will make decision about the first day of school. Plain English
make an attempt/effort/try (try) We should make an effort to win. Plain English
not able (unable) He was not able to join the meeting. Plain English
not accept (reject) He does not accept the proposal. Plain English
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