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Description Example Category
directly antithetical (antithetical) The two events this week were directly antithetical to the University's values for these reasons. Redundant Phrases
approximately about Americans feel full of energy and healthy approximately about 19 days per month. Redundant Phrases
associate together (associate) Hippos associate together in groups. Redundant Phrases
associate together (associate) Poets and choregi having been associated together in pairs, there still remained the selection and appointment of the actors. Redundant Phrases
sufficient enough → sufficient The money is sufficient enough to buy the pullover. Redundant Phrases
of any of → of He was the worst of any of the dancers Redundant Phrases
Possibly needless 'that' I am pretty sure that this is right. Redundant Phrases
send an email to (email) He was going to send an email to her. Redundant Phrases
sent an email to (email) He sent an email to her. Redundant Phrases
send me an email (email me) Peter has sent me an email. Redundant Phrases
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