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in order to (to) We opened the door in order to enter. Redundant Phrases
introduce for the first time (introduce) We were introduced for the first time a week ago. Redundant Phrases
the noun around it (surrounding noun) He didn't like the protesters around him. Redundant Phrases
past experience/memory (experience/memory) We know from past experience that weakness breeds contempt. Redundant Phrases
point being is that (point is that/point being that) The point being is that Russia and Japan weren't even at war. Redundant Phrases
reason why (reason) The reason why I did that is simple. Redundant Phrases
so therefore (therefore) I am me, the only me, so therefore I am unique, which in turn makes me special :) Redundant Phrases
therapeutic treatment (treatment) My swelled knee required special therapeutic treatment. Redundant Phrases
rustic country (rustic) She loved her rustic country kitchen. Redundant Phrases
very unique (unique) Walk until you see the very unique building on your right. Redundant Phrases
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