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Description Example Category
first man president (male president) He was the first man employee of the company. Redundant Phrases
little bit He was a little bit late. Redundant Phrases
little bit She has a little bit of a temper. Redundant Phrases
free gift Receive a free gift with every purchase. Redundant Phrases
Rio Grande (river) The Rio Grande river is one of the principal rivers in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. Redundant Phrases
Mount Fuji Mount Fujiyama is the highest mountain in Japan. Redundant Phrases
help to find (help find) Can any guru help me to find the reason? Redundant Phrases
Possible wordiness: be a X one This test is an easy one. Plain English
abundance There is an abundance of flowers in the meadow. Plain English
accede to (give in) He acceded to our demands. Plain English
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