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Description Example Category
CDROM (CD-ROM) I ordered a Cdrom with their software. Redundant Phrases
accused of a charge (charged with) The Magistrate's Court in Kuala Lumpur today decided that a former model accused of a charge of public indecency is fit to stand trial. Redundant Phrases
circumstances surrounding (circumstances of) Based upon this discussion, the OIG expanded the scope of its investigation to analyze the circumstances surrounding the settlement rejected by Judge Rakoff. Redundant Phrases
close scrutiny/proximity (scrutiny/proximity) The majority of Jannali's enterprises are located within close proximity to the suburb's railway station. Redundant Phrases
close scrutiny/proximity (scrutiny/proximity) Their manifesto yesterday received the same close scrutiny as the other two big parties — and it was an uncomfortable experience. Redundant Phrases
combine together (combine) Two things are combined together in this application. Redundant Phrases
comfortable with doing (comfortable doing) I am not comfortable with dancing with strangers. Redundant Phrases
commute back and forth (commute) She will commute back and forth between New Haven and her home in Southern California before relocating to the Elm City this summer. Redundant Phrases
continue to remain (remain) We continued to remain optimistic. Redundant Phrases
descend down (descend) The Pentagon aides and journalists descend down the back stairs of the plane as is customary while Rumsfeld comes down the main stairs to meet his welcome party. Redundant Phrases
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