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Description Example Category
first of all (first) First of all, let us review what has been done. Redundant Phrases
focus in (focus on) Please, focus in the tip of the finger. Redundant Phrases
gather up (gather) Please, gather up the documentation and let's go. Redundant Phrases
incredible to believe (incredible) It's incredible to believe. Redundant Phrases
outside of (outside) Go outside of the building and you will find it. Redundant Phrases
private industry (industry) This is our primary private industry. Redundant Phrases
right over (over) You find it right over there. Redundant Phrases
self-admitted (admitted) Springfield police arrest 'very dangerous, self-admitted gang member.' Redundant Phrases
some of the (some) Some of the people like rap music. Redundant Phrases
subject matter (subject) What is the subject matter we will discuss today? Redundant Phrases
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