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Description Example Category
originally born in (born in) I was originally born in Texas. Redundant Phrases
return back (return) We returned back home. Redundant Phrases
return back (return) Please reply back. Redundant Phrases
return back (return) Reply back to get the details. Redundant Phrases
return back (return) He suggested that I return the product back to Amazon. Redundant Phrases
return back (return) This will return you back to the startup screen, similar to the quit button when an error comes up. Redundant Phrases
repeat again (repeat) We made the song repeat again. Redundant Phrases
$500 (dollars) She bought it for $55 dollars. Redundant Phrases
$500 (dollars) She bought it for US$ 55 dollars. Redundant Phrases
might perhaps (might) We might possibly go fishing. Redundant Phrases
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