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Description Example Category
apart of (a part of, apart from) I'd like to be apart of your team. Possible Typo
apart of (a part of, apart from) We set it apart of other religions. Possible Typo
apart form (apart from) Christianity was set apart form other religions. Possible Typo
up to data (date) The software is not up to data. Possible Typo
he cold do (he could do) This is all he cold do. Possible Typo
feel tree (free) to Feel tree to add it to the list. Possible Typo
easiest was (way) to What is the fastest was to learn Spanish? Possible Typo
et al (et al.) Thelen et al 2001 Possible Typo
et al (et al.) Thelen et. al. 2001 Possible Typo
are still the some (same) That means that tires are still the some of the most important components of your vehicle. Possible Typo
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