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Description Example Category
awhile (a while) I haven't posted in quite awhile. Possible Typo
away fro (away from) He is away fro the sea. Possible Typo
fro (for) I got a voicemail fro Ken. Possible Typo
humans beings (human beings) We are all human's beings. Possible Typo
humans beings (human beings) We are all humans beings. Possible Typo
last but not last (least) Last but not last, I accentuate difficulties that such theories face. Possible Typo
half an our (half an hour) It happened half an our ago. Possible Typo
one in the same (one and the same) Our town is a place where neighbours and friends are one in the same. Possible Typo
'One the one hand' (On the one hand) One the one hand, he was rich. Possible Typo
other wise (otherwise) Other wise it's not true. Possible Typo
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