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Description Example Category
et al (et al.) Thelen et al 2001 Possible Typo
et al (et al.) Thelen et. al. 2001 Possible Typo
are still the some (same) That means that tires are still the some of the most important components of your vehicle. Possible Typo
de juro (jure) There is no de juro segregation allowed by law anywhere in the United States. Possible Typo
I thin (think) I thin you are right. Possible Typo
suppose to (supposed to) What jar is this suppose to be coming from? Possible Typo
all be it (albeit) The good news is that there are several redeeming factors to (all be it barely). Possible Typo
all over the word (all over the world) The company employs over 25 000 people all over the word. Possible Typo
another words (in other words) Another words, he is an ideal husband. Possible Typo
being (begin) To being with, she is a Russian spy. Possible Typo
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