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Description Example Category
eye brow/lash/lid/sight/sore (eyebrow/eyelash/eyelid/eyesight/eyesore) Calcium deposits on eye lids Possible Typo
from/form Do not duplicate or redistribute in any from. Possible Typo
from/form Fill in this from. Possible Typo
from/form Type in the from on the web page. Possible Typo
from/form I got a letter form my friend. Possible Typo
there exits (there exists) There exits an α-evaluating homomorphism π. Possible Typo
he (the) At he beginning, I was afraid. Possible Typo
the how/why (how/why) These are also examples of the how a woman's perspective can contribute to science. Possible Typo
i'm (I'm) No, i'm not letting you near my kids. Possible Typo
i'm (I'm) No, i am not letting you near my kids. Possible Typo
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