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Description Example Category
long beach (Long Beach) Long beach is a city in California. Upper/Lowercase
long island (Long Island) I was born in long island Upper/Lowercase
long island (Long Island) Long island is an island near New York City. Upper/Lowercase
the dutch (Dutch) The dutch people are the tallest in the world. Upper/Lowercase
the polish (polish) The polish government. Upper/Lowercase
the polish (polish) He's learning polish. Upper/Lowercase
New guinea (New Guinea) New guinea is a large island separated by the shallow Torres Strait from the rest of the Australian continent. Upper/Lowercase
proper noun 'Japan' I lives in japan. Upper/Lowercase
proper noun 'Turkey' (country) I'm from turkey. Upper/Lowercase
royal mail (Royal Mail) The royal mail is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom. Upper/Lowercase
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