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Description Example Category
another words (in other words) Another words, he is an ideal husband. Possible Typo
being (begin) To being with, she is a Russian spy. Possible Typo
being (begin) I was willing to risk begin interrogated about what I was going to do with the information. Possible Typo
ca I (can I) What ca I do? Possible Typo
ca I (can I) You ca do it! Possible Typo
eye brow/lash/lid/sight/sore (eyebrow/eyelash/eyelid/eyesight/eyesore) Calcium deposits on eye lids Possible Typo
from/form Do not duplicate or redistribute in any from. Possible Typo
from/form Fill in this from. Possible Typo
from/form Type in the from on the web page. Possible Typo
from/form I got a letter form my friend. Possible Typo
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