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Description Example Category
per say (per se) Not a car lover per say Possible Typo
some what (somewhat) Some what disappointed Possible Typo
stand alone (standalone) This is a stand alone computer. Possible Typo
under wear (underwear) Designer's Under Wear Possible Typo
where as/by (whereas/whereby) The northern and urban areas of the state do not generally offer sweet tea in the most restaurants, where as it is a staple beverage for the southern part ... Possible Typo
without out (without) Without out a doubt, the internet's power is mighty and far-reaching. Possible Typo
your's (yours) It's not mine, it's your's. Possible Typo
Possessive pronoun with apostrophe This house is yours'. Possible Typo
Number + 'week's time' (weeks' time) "he'll be sailing around the world in two week's time. Possible Typo
Spurious apostrophe in plural forms I have 5 CD's. Possible Typo
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