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Description Example Category
It is obvious (unscientific) It is obvious that this substance is present. Academic Writing
Checks that a sentence starts with an uppercase letter This house is old. it was built in 1950. Capitalization
Checks upper/lower case spelling of some proper nouns I really like Harry potter. Capitalization
In the recent years (in recent years) Undoubtedly, this is the result of an extremely dynamic development of Lublin in the recent years. Collocations
take into account I will take it into count. Collocations
take into account I will take it in to account. Collocations
Better safe than sorry It's batter to be save then sorry. Collocations
Better safe than sorry Batter save then sorry. Collocations
To whom it may concern To who it my concern, Collocations
salaam alaikum As salaamu alaikum, my friend. Collocations
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