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Description Example Category
state of art (state of the art, state-of-the-art) This state of art equipment is not expensive. Commonly Confused Words
tat (that) I think tat is correct. Commonly Confused Words
get together (get-together) Let's host a get together next week. Compounding
no haggle (no-haggle) The dealer ensures no haggle prices. Compounding
It's a blog where the author has penned-down (penned down) his experiences It's a blog where the author has penned-down his experiences as an expat. Compounding
read only (read-only) I have read only access. Compounding
a long (along) We will have a lot of fun a long the way. Compounding
a long (along) He drives a long the road. Compounding
there for (therefore) And there for, we are looking for a new solution. Compounding
about face (about-face) The soldier did an about face and marched off. Compounding
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