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Description Example Category
who's (whose) By who's standards? Possible Typo
who's (whose) Those who's highest level of education... Possible Typo
who's (whose) These are people who's lives are important. Possible Typo
whos NN (possessive) Do we know who's banana this is on the table? Possible Typo
whose DT (possessive) Whose the boss around here? Possible Typo
who's actual (possessive) Who's actual job is it to make copies around here? Possible Typo
who's PREPOSITION Whose at the door? Possible Typo
no where (nowhere) He came out of no where. Possible Typo
no where (nowhere) It just comes from no where! Possible Typo
no where (nowhere) The book is no where to be found. Possible Typo
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