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Description Example Category
every body (everybody) Every body is happy! Compounding
some times (sometimes) Some times I have to check it twice just to be sure. Compounding
out + perform Tesla is out performing other carmakers when it comes to EV. Compounding
missing hyphen in 'well wishes' Thanks for the well wishes. Compounding
missing hyphen in 'true-crime' He likes to watch true crime documentaries. Compounding
on off (on-off) Tom and Mary are having an on off relationship. Compounding
warm up (warm-up) A warm up is required before every workout session. Compounding
warm up (warm-up) We did two warm ups before we started the training. Compounding
warm up (warm-up) A knock out put him to the floor. Compounding
warm up (warm-up) These knock outs put him to the floor. Compounding
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