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Description Example Category
make or break (make-or-break) This is a make or break moment for Germany. Compounding
cumber some (cumbersome) Building an app for Windows is cumber som. Compounding
one(-)trick pony This is just a one trick pony. Compounding
Node JS (Node.js) We use Node JS for our website. Compounding
Node JS (Node.js) We use Node.JS for our website. Compounding
Node JS (Node.js) We use NodeJS for our website. Compounding
miss spelling (misspelling) I made a miss spelling. Compounding
safe guard (safeguard) She kept a savings to safe guard against debt and emergencies. Compounding
even handed (even-handed) The questioners are not even handed in dealing with the candidates. Compounding
verb 'black list' as one word We will black list your work. Compounding
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