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Description Example Category
there fore (therefore) And there fore everything is important. Possible Typo
self fish (selfish) He doesn't listen to anyone because he is very self fish. Possible Typo
every where (everywhere) There are bugs every where. Possible Typo
figure head (figurehead) The boss was merely a figure head. Possible Typo
flag ship (flagship) This was the flag ship store. Possible Typo
how ever (however) We knew, how ever, that he would come around. Possible Typo
laughing stock (laughingstock) The fool was the laughing stock of the town. Possible Typo
mean while (meanwhile) Mean while, back on the farm... Possible Typo
nation wide (nationwide) There was a nation wide epidemic. Possible Typo
near by (nearby) There were some stores near by. Possible Typo
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