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Description Example Category
laughing stock (laughingstock) The fool was the laughing stock of the town. Possible Typo
mean while (meanwhile) Mean while, back on the farm... Possible Typo
nation wide (nationwide) There was a nation wide epidemic. Possible Typo
near by (nearby) There were some stores near by. Possible Typo
new comer (newcomer) There were many new comers at the concert. Possible Typo
now a days (nowadays) Now a days, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
now-a-days (nowadays) Now-a-days, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
now-a-day (nowadays) Now-a-day, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
on going (ongoing) It is a widely held belief that continues to be a factor in their on going support of the war. Possible Typo
on going (ongoing) There is an on going investigation. Possible Typo
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