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Description Example Category
now a days (nowadays) Now a days, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
now-a-days (nowadays) Now-a-days, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
now-a-day (nowadays) Now-a-day, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
on going (ongoing) It is a widely held belief that continues to be a factor in their on going support of the war. Possible Typo
on going (ongoing) There is an on going investigation. Possible Typo
out grow (outgrow) The little guy would soon out grow his clothes. Possible Typo
out side (outside) There were more tables out side. Possible Typo
over looked (overlooked) There were several details we over looked. Possible Typo
over looking (overlooking) We were over looking the Grand Canyon. Possible Typo
over rated (overrated) The movie was highly over rated. Possible Typo
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