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Description Example Category
free lancer (freelancer) He was a free lancer. Possible Typo
free lances (freelances) He only free lances for the CIA. Possible Typo
free lancing (freelancing) His free lancing work is fantastic. Possible Typo
VB a while (awhile) He was expected to forget a while after the fact. Possible Typo
key words (keywords) You have to enter the key words. Possible Typo
crowd sourcing (crowdsourcing) Mechanical Turk is an example of crowd sourcing. Possible Typo
meta data (metadata) Tika's library takes meta data into account. Possible Typo
past time (pastime) This was America's favorite past time. Possible Typo
any where (anywhere) Put your stuff down any where. Possible Typo
some where (somewhere) There's a place for us, some where. Possible Typo
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