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Description Example Category
is contained of (contains) The beer is contained of hops and water. Possible Typo
after been (being) After been assaulted, the man was often wary. Possible Typo
imminent (eminent) domain Their house was claimed due to imminent domain. Possible Typo
chomping (champing) at the bit The horses were all chomping at the bit. Possible Typo
constellation (consolation) prize The team was so upset, they didn't even claim their constellation prize. Possible Typo
constitutes (consists) of The city constitutes of five boroughs. Possible Typo
could (couldn't) care less The man on the street said he could care less. Possible Typo
couldn't careless (care less) I couldn't careless. Possible Typo
could (couldn't) give a damn Frankly, my dear, I could give a damn. Possible Typo
daily regiment (regimen) They had a strict daily regiment of calisthenics. Possible Typo
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