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Description Example Category
plays a factor (plays a role) The goalie hardly plays a factor in the endgame. Possible Typo
realms (realm) of possibility That is hardly outside the realms of possibility. Possible Typo
sense of false security (false sense of security) The members of the board were holding onto a sense of false security. Possible Typo
ring (wring) its neck I'm going to ring its neck. Possible Typo
right (rite) of passage The fire-ritual was a Cherokee right of passage. Possible Typo
rod (wrought) iron She specialized in art done in rod iron. Possible Typo
souse (sous) chef He gave most of his responsibility to his souse chef. Possible Typo
stock and trade (stock in trade) Swords and knives are their stock and trade. Possible Typo
sound byte (bite) The politician gave an awful sound byte. Possible Typo
to the manor (manner) born He played the piano as to the manor born. Possible Typo
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