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Description Example Category
urine analysis (urinalysis) They got the results of the urine analysis the next day. Possible Typo
wet (whet) your appetite The first John Wayne movie will only serve to wet your appetite. Possible Typo
tattle-tail (tattle-tale) Every child hates a tattle-tail. Possible Typo
old wise tail (old wives' tale) The story of the monster was only an old wise tail. Possible Typo
on the lamb (lam) The criminals spent most of the summer on the lamb. Possible Typo
youll will (you will) You'll will want to make sure you get the daily special. Possible Typo
it's is (it is) She's is the best dancer on the west coast. Possible Typo
it's are (it is) She's are the best dancer on the west coast. Possible Typo
were are (we are) We're are the favorites to win the championship. Possible Typo
Im am (I am) I'm am a madman. Possible Typo
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