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Description Example Category
responds vs. response He response quickly. Possible Typo
responds vs. response He will response quickly. Possible Typo
think/know off (of) It's the only part of KDE I know off that uses automasking. Possible Typo
not us (use) Please do not us this door. Possible Typo
I/you/... thing (think) I thing that's a good idea. Possible Typo
were (where/we) They went were he wanted. Possible Typo
were (where/we) Were are in the process of implementing this. Possible Typo
it (is) ...which is wasn't the last day. Possible Typo
fore (for) Thanks again fore your help. Possible Typo
look ate (at) Although I must admit when I look ate the paperback... Possible Typo
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