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Description Example Category
Warn when the serial comma is used (incomplete) The pen, pencil, and book are on the desk. Style
a whole other (entirely different) issue That brings up a whole other issue, but I'll stop here. Style
week-end (weekend) Let's meet on the week-end to play some tennis. Style
there're → there are There're problems in Iraq. Style
Are not (formal) → Aren't Are not you the cause of this for me? Style
Are not (formal) → Aren't Am not I lucky? Style
Are not (formal) → Aren't Can not you get it? Style
Are not (formal) → Aren't Why would not that work? Style
Are not (formal) → Aren't Why am not I enough for you? Style
Are not (formal) → Aren't Why can not I share a regular binary file? Style
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