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Description Example Category
ask the question (ask) He asked the question whether it's OK to add some rules to LanguageTool. Redundant Phrases
as of yet (yet) The report remains unfinished as of yet. Redundant Phrases
autobiography of a life (autobiography) In this autobiography of a life of courage and love, we get to share in the compelling story of a family’s struggles. Redundant Phrases
basic fundamentals/necessities (fundamentals/necessities) Let’s get back to the basic fundamentals! Redundant Phrases
bald-headed (bald) He is bald-headed. Redundant Phrases
best ever (best) Top ten best ever beer names. Redundant Phrases
temporary bivouac (bivouac) In temporary bivouac areas (1 to 3 days), the straddle trench latrine is used unless more permanent facilities are provided for the unit. Redundant Phrases
bivouac camp (bivouac) A rock climber leaves a hanging bivouac camp on an Arctic cliff Redundant Phrases
Big in size, yellow in color, etc. The man is big in size. Redundant Phrases
bitter in taste (bitter) This beer is bitter in taste. Redundant Phrases
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