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Description Example Category
will in the future (will) I will in the future work hard. Redundant Phrases
work colleague (colleague) I will talk to a work colleague. Redundant Phrases
numerous different (numerous) I will read many different books Redundant Phrases
whole lot (lot) I will read a whole lot of books Redundant Phrases
fellow classmates/co-workers/comrades (classmates/co-workers/comrades) I would enjoy a reunion with my fellow classmates. Redundant Phrases
foreign import (import) The rise in foreign imports, the argument goes, is forcing some Americans to accept lower pay to remain competitive with, say, Mexican and Chinese workers. Redundant Phrases
honest truth (truth) That is the honest truth of the matter. Redundant Phrases
in order to (to) We opened the door in order to enter. Redundant Phrases
introduce for the first time (introduce) We were introduced for the first time a week ago. Redundant Phrases
the noun around it (surrounding noun) He didn't like the protesters around him. Redundant Phrases
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