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right over (over) You find it right over there. Redundant Phrases
self-admitted (admitted) Springfield police arrest 'very dangerous, self-admitted gang member.' Redundant Phrases
some of the (some) Some of the people like rap music. Redundant Phrases
subject matter (subject) What is the subject matter we will discuss today? Redundant Phrases
try and (try to) She is going to try and go to the store. Redundant Phrases
so as to (to) We worked hard so as to increase our sales. Redundant Phrases
on a few occasions (occasionally) The man drank on a few occasions. Redundant Phrases
there are also other (also) However, there are also other marbles in the jar. Redundant Phrases
a large number of (many) A large number of people were in the parade. Redundant Phrases
a small number of (a few) A small number of people were in the store. Redundant Phrases
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