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Description Example Category
help to find (help find) Can any guru help me to find the reason? Redundant Phrases
Successive sentences beginning with the same word Moreover, the street is almost entirely residential. Moreover, it was named after a poet. Repetitions (Style)
Suggest synonyms for repeated words. Repetitions (Style)
add salt to injury (insult to injury) Don't be like that and add salt to injury! Semantics
right in (up) my alley That is right in my alley. Semantics
two peas in a pot (pod) You are like two peas in a pot. Semantics
tender hooks (tenterhooks) I’m on tender hooks waiting for my exam results! Semantics
case and (in) point Some can be transmitted without apparent symptoms; this disease is a case and point. Semantics
besides (beside) the point I don’t know why you brought that up; that’s besides the point. Semantics
Impossible dates (April 31st, etc.) She will join us on June 31st. Semantics
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