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Description Example Category
Sarcasm Sue me. Style
'Needs fixed' type construction My car needs fixed. Style
an invite (invitation) Is that an invite...? Style
irregardless (regardless) Irregardless of what he says, do it! Style
Sentence starting with 'And' or 'But' But it is not a great writing style to start a sentence with 'but'. Style
Number starting a sentence 12 soldiers were killed! Style
Word order: 'Hopefully' starting a sentence Hopefully, this will be a great grammar checker. Style
Readability: Four nouns in a row BAe ATP, a British Aerospace turboprop passenger aircraft designed for the short range market. Style
Readability: Three nouns in a row I suggested that there may be some way to fix this through a price adjustment mechanism in the fixed price or volumes or through a separate indemnification in the "fee letter". Style
Style: 'possible' after 'possibility' I did not have a possibility to check for possible errors. Style
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