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Description Example Category
Better safe than sorry Batter save then sorry. Collocations
To whom it may concern To who it my concern, Collocations
salaam alaikum As salaamu alaikum, my friend. Collocations
salaam alaikum Assalaamualaikum, my friend. Collocations
salaam alaikum Salam alaikum, my friend. Collocations
salaam alaikum Asalamu alaikum, my friend. Collocations
made (did) a mistake I did a mistake Collocations
Wrong phrase: have x years old (be x years old) He has 25 years old. Collocations
Wrong phrase: 'in nowadays' (nowadays) In nowadays, many organizations are jumping in the social websites bandwagon. Collocations
Wrong preposition: 'superior/inferior than' (superior/inferior to) He feels inferior than us. Collocations
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