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These are the errors that LanguageTool can detect. Visit the LanguageTool homepage to use it online or download it for free.

Description Example Category
Wrong preposition: 'superior/inferior than' (superior/inferior to) He feels more inferior than us. Collocations
Wrong preposition: 'obvious for' (obvious to) It's obvious for me. Collocations
Wrong phrase: 'today morning' (this morning) I'm going home today evening. Collocations
Wrong phrase: 'yesterday night' (last night) I was there yesterday night. Collocations
Wrong phrase: 'today night' (tonight) I'm going fishing today night. Collocations
Wrong collocation: 'worry for' (worry about) Don't worry for. Collocations
a sinking (s)hip The idiom 'like rats fleeing a sinking hip is used in reference to people abandoning an enterprise once it seems likely to fail. Collocations
Collocation: apply to/for You can apply to welfare. Collocations
Collocation: apply for/to You try and apply for another University! Collocations
Collocation: Sit in/at At lunch, I eat with my colleague working or I eat in my desk alone. Collocations
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