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Description Example Category
Collocation: Between ... to/and ... Children between three to five are cute. Collocations
Collocation: Well in/on I do badly in tests because I'm lazy. Collocations
Collocation: Admitted at/to On his way to an interview to be admitted at Princeton College, Quentin and his childhood best friend James arrive on a crime scene where they find the corpse of the man who was supposed to interview the former, along with a very nonchalant paramedic. Collocations
Collocation: Summon at/to Without him knowing, Quentin was summoned at an examination in order to get his admission to this institution. Collocations
Collocation: in/on the Internet Land reclamation is in the internet. Collocations
Collocation: accompany with/by Land reclamation is always accompany with pollution. Collocations
Collocation: Popular among/with John's popular among his friends. Collocations
Collocation: Play with/for He plays regularly with that team. Collocations
Collocation: Opposite from/to Their house is opposite from ours. Collocations
Collocation: Marry with/to Angela was married with a rich man. Collocations
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