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Description Example Category
Disappointed with, at, or by We could be disappointed of this announcement. Collocations
account (for) That accounts a rise in price. Collocations
contribution on/to The use of symbolism is an important writing technique that accounts a crucial contribution on the novel. Collocations
Collocation: arrived (in the) downtown Arrive in the downtown. Collocations
Collocation: consider (about) Please, consider about this. Collocations
Collocation: associates to/with She associates her layoff to your arrival. Collocations
named it (as) They named it as Gilead. Collocations
Collocation: lot (of) A lot people were late. Collocations
Collocation: interested by/in I am not interested by this job. Collocations
Collocation: at/on the job He does personal stuff at the job. Collocations
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