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Description Example Category
can checkout (check out) She can checkout tomorrow. Possible Typo
They checkout (check out) They checkout tomorrow Possible Typo
can workout (work out) We can workout after we get lunch. Possible Typo
got shutdown (shut down) Before he could get assigned to it, the project got shutdown. Possible Typo
got shutout (shut out) The Mets got shutout by the Phillies. Possible Typo
in along (a long) time I haven't had a shower in along time. Possible Typo
in anyway (any way) Make sure you get the plans, in anyway possible. Possible Typo
incase (in case) of Always keep a baseball bat by the bed, incase of an emergency. Possible Typo
Portland Trailblazers (Trail Blazers) On Tuesday the Nets play the Portland Trailblazers. Possible Typo
take awhile (a while) I'm sorry sir, your laundry will take awhile longer. Possible Typo
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