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Description Example Category
the only on (one) The trash folder is the only on for me that works. Possible Typo
I a/an (am) I an not sure. Possible Typo
I a/an (am) I a not sure. Possible Typo
please not (note) that Please not that saying “Open Source” does not mean very much. Possible Typo
I'm note (not) sure I'm note sure. Possible Typo
nut (not) I'm nut sure. Possible Typo
and so one (on) We think it helps to find bottlenecks and so one. Possible Typo
through (throw) away Or we just through away all bugs. Possible Typo
or way (was) it Or way that a very recent change in Qt? Possible Typo
the/a responds (response) Thanks for the responds. Possible Typo
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