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Description Example Category
coma / comma You missed a coma in that sentence. Commonly Confused Words
coma / comma He has been in a comma for nearly two weeks. Commonly Confused Words
combine together (combine) Two things are combined together in this application. Redundant Phrases
come threw (through) They came throw the door. Possible Typo
comfortable with doing (comfortable doing) I am not comfortable with dancing with strangers. Redundant Phrases
Comma after 'for god's sake In God's name tell me the truth! Punctuation
Comma after 'go for it' Go for it girls! Punctuation
Comma after 'nowadays Nowadays everything is a bit faster than back then. Punctuation
Comma after 'nowadays Nowadays people are scared of the dark. Punctuation
Comma after 'Oh my god' Oh my God it's terrible. Punctuation
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