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Description Example Category
stationary (stationery) The office junior is in charge of ordering our stationary. Possible Typo
stationary (stationery) The exact word which my doctor used was stationery. Possible Typo
state-of-the-art Many covet for a state-of-the-art cell phone. Plain English
state-of-the-art Many covet for a state of the art cell phone. Plain English
state of the art (state-of-the-art) We present our state of the art solution. Punctuation
state of art (state of the art, state-of-the-art) This state of art equipment is not expensive. Commonly Confused Words
Starting sentence with 'The truth/fact is'. The truth is, this is annoying. Plain English
stand up comedian (stand-up) He is a stand up comedian. Compounding
stand up comedian (stand-up) The daily stand up is everyday at 9pm. Compounding
stand up comedian (stand-up) We had many daily stand ups in the current project sprint. Compounding
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