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Description Example Category
comparison 'as ... as' (no comparative/superlative) We must do our job as best as we can. Possible Typo
Comparison with 'as' This house is as big than mine. Grammar
Comparison with 'than', e.g. 'bigger then (than)' The tagger will return more then one tag. Grammar
Comparison with 'than', e.g. 'bigger then (than)' This house is bigger then mine. Grammar
Comparison with 'the same ... as' This is not the same thing than his. Grammar
comparisons NNS then (than) There were better companies then GE and Google. Possible Typo
comparisons then (than) It was hotter then it'd ever been. Possible Typo
compere (compare) She is tall compered to him. Possible Typo
Compere (compère or compare) He wanted to compere both of them. Grammar
complains (complaints) I do not understand why there are complains from our community. Commonly Confused Words
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