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Description Example Category
spare (spur) of the moment It was a spare of the moment decision. Possible Typo
SpaceX Space X is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company. Grammar
space ship (spaceship) She was flying to the moon in a space ship. Grammar
space ship (spaceship) The space ship flew to the Mars and back. Grammar
space in 'o´clock' They meet at 2 o' clock. Punctuation
Space character at the end of paragraph Style
Space character at the beginning of paragraph Style
space after apostrophe in contraction (e.g. I' m) Maybe I' m missing something? Typography
space after apostrophe in contraction (e.g. I' m) Maybe I 'm missing something? Typography
souse (sous) chef He gave most of his responsibility to his souse chef. Possible Typo
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