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Description Example Category
complaint (compliant) with If the rules are not fully complaint with the specification, post them here. Possible Typo
complement / compliment She was complemented on her beautiful eyes. Possible Typo
complement / compliment My sincere complements on your cooking. Possible Typo
complement / compliment Please just take the complement. Possible Typo
Compound adjective: brand new Yesterday, she bought a brand new car. Grammar
Compound adjective: brick red She hast a brick red car. Grammar
Compound adjective: bug eyed … generating a parade of little green men and bug eyed monsters. Grammar
Compound adjective: card carrying For twenty-two years he was a card carrying Communist. Grammar
Compound adjective: coast to coast Our coast to coast trip was wonderful. Grammar
Compound adjective: cooling off During the cooling off period, you can… Grammar
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