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Description Example Category
space after apostrophe in contraction (e.g. I' m) Maybe I 'm missing something? Typography
souse (sous) chef He gave most of his responsibility to his souse chef. Possible Typo
sounds god (good) That sounds god, thanks! Commonly Confused Words
sounds god (good) He is as god as me. Commonly Confused Words
sounds god (good) It is a really god TV show. Commonly Confused Words
sound byte (bite) The politician gave an awful sound byte. Possible Typo
Sound (sounds) great Sound great! Grammar
sou (you) Sou might also help me with this kind of question. Possible Typo
sooner rather than later (soon, now) I believe that spring will be here sooner rather than later. Plain English
soon (sooner) or later We will achieve it soon or later. Grammar
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