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Description Example Category
Some phrases that can be simplified These two syndromes are usually referred to under one name, Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome, due to the fact that they are part of the same etiology. Plain English
Some phrases that can be simplified The Stoors also had their own dialect of Hobbitish, owing to the fact that they spent some time in Dunland. Plain English
some of the (some) Some of the people like rap music. Redundant Phrases
some how (somehow) Some how, we made it out alive. Possible Typo
some faculty... (some faculty members...) Three faculty support the change. Grammar
solicit for We are soliciting for suggestions. Plain English
softwares → pieces of software He had many softwares installed on his computer. Grammar
soft ware (software) He installed the soft ware on his computer. Grammar
Société Générale The Societé General is a French bank. Grammar
sobber (sober) I'm sobber. Commonly Confused Words
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